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Welcome to Bloome. I'm Pamela Klein.


Looking back, it’s easy to see why I’ve always liked making things.


Like a good Italian, my dad made homemade spaghetti sauce every week, tended a big vegetable garden in the back yard, and planted geraniums. So many geraniums! They are one of my favorites to this day.


My mom has always said that if it weren’t for my dad “you three girls (my two sisters and me) would have starved to death.” But while dad did so much cooking, mom favored creating simple goodies from scratch—chocolate chip cookies, ooey-gooey brownies with a paper-thin, crispy layer on top, and graham crackers smothered with her famous homemade buttercream frosting. “Sweet making” was my mom’s speciality. But not just the edible kind. Because of her, our home was the place all my friends wanted to be.


My parents both loved to decorate. In hot pursuit of “great finds,” I’d ride along with them to the antique auction just over the New York border from where I grew up in north Jersey and watch them bid on something they’d spotted in the preview room. But the pursuit for the unexpected prize wasn't limited to the auction house. My husband loves to tell about the time my family managed to turn what should have been a 6-hour trip into a 12-hour adventure because we stopped at every antique shop along the way!


So I do it now too. Cook and bake. Venture and hunt. I drag furniture from the curb, can't resist an estate sale, pick sour cherries from our tree and make pies, and roll out cinnamon buns on a Saturday morning. I love nothing more than getting my hands on a good project or setting an extra spot at the table because someone has just popped in. Wouldn't you know it? My kids say our home is the one where all their friends want to be.


And why not light candles for an impromptu dinner even if it's not a "special occasion"? Let's fly in the face of our fast-paced culture to linger and talk a bit, because every occasion has the potential to be beautiful, sweet, and special.


It was for such an occasion that one of my best friends reached out to me for help. Her niece was getting married, and she'd offered to take care of rehearsal dinner decor. Would I try my hand at creating some centerpieces with her? I thought that sounded incredibly fun!


I've been making beautiful with flowers ever since. For weddings, yes, but also for rehearsal dinners, family gatherings, milestone moments, bittersweet memorials, and corporate events.


And it's your very special occasion that's brought you here today, isn't it? Oh my goodness, what a privilege it would be if you gave me the honor of making it everything you've ever imagined.


Let's talk about that.


~Pamela Klein


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