Festa dei Fiori

Festa dei Fiori means "flower party" in Italian. And a party with flowers is exactly what I've created for you! Let me explain.

My clients are incredibly fun people, interested in having experiences and organizing opportunities that will create lasting memories for and with those they love. Many of you are also incredibly creative or have friends and family who are, and if not for the overwhelming nature of  "doing it yourself" amidst so many other details that demand your attention as you plan your event, call you crazy, but you might even consider doing some of your flowers and decor on your own!

But you know that's just not possible. Or is it? Is that such a crazy thought? Or a thought born of an adventurous and creative spirit? What if you could have the best of both worlds? A fun hand in a bit of the creating minus any of the pressure of DIY!


Bloome's Festa dei Fiori provides you with that possibility! 

Imagine your very own floral creation experience—in my beautiful event studio, filled with stems and bunches of your select blooms, all ready and waiting to be transformed into your event florals! By you! You and your special people will put on Bloome aprons, turn up the tunes, nibble on some snacks and whistle while you work! I'll be your teacher, guiding you step-by-step as we learn, laugh, and enjoy making beautiful together! 

But fun is just the beginning.

Because floral design is stem-by-stem work, labor is a significant portion of the cost of Bloome's services for your event. By welcoming you, your friends, and your family to be part of 
creating some of the florals I've designed exclusively for you, Bloome's Festa dei Fiori will help you make the most of your dollars too.

Welcome to "Team Bloome!" and welcome to a discount on your investment!

And when you hear all the buzz and chatter about how lovely your event is, you'll be proud, knowing you literally had a hand in making beautiful.


Makes me smile just thinking about it!

Even if your event is not a wedding, contact me to find out more about this fun, memory-making opportunity, and we'll see if it will work for your special occasion. Or just want a private, floral workshop? Then Bloome's Festa dei Fiori is just right for you, too.


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