Why Bloome?

I just don't buy the old adage "beauty is only skin deep." I believe that for something to be truly beautiful, even what you don't see or can't see has to be beautiful too. Beautiful on top of beautiful, with some more beautiful, is what makes beautiful.

Beauty is the sum of many layers, and that's where Bloome's distinctiveness lies.


Here are a few that I'm most proud of:

Oh my goodness. I have the best clients! I can't wait to get to know you, hear about what you envision, and make your event dreams come true! You are so beautiful! 

My Process 
My attention to detail goes far beyond our initial conversation. I will visit your venue, create design boards to share ideas, welcome you to join me at my supplier when we select your blooms, and do everything I need to do so that every detail is "just so," because Bloome is all about building a trusted relationship as we work together, communicate, and collaborate on our way to making beautiful.


My Team
I am surrounded by special, talented, creative, artistic, and hard-working men and women without whom your day would not happen! Some of them have overcome particularly hard stories, arriving in the U.S. as refugees. When you choose to work with Bloome, you are also choosing to provide dignified, meaningful work for some pretty special people I am blessed to call friends. My team is so very beautiful!

Our Space
We didn't always have it, but now that we do, The Studio at 507 is allowing us to serve you in ways we never had been able to before. And we're so excited about that! With a spacious workshop and an incredibly beautiful design studio, we are able to accommodate the increasing requests for our Festas while also allowing our clients and their friends to rent the space for their own small parties.


OurFlowers and Footprint

The flowers Bloome uses are sourced directly from their growers and many come from local farms when in season to ensure freshness. And, oh my, are they ever beautiful!

But I design and create with each stem while keeping our beautiful world in mind. Making beautiful means making every effort to leave as small a footprint as possible by limiting the use of foam and other harmful products. When I offer you complimentary use of my inventory of unique containers and glassware or refer you to a reliable party goods rental supplier, I'm not only helping you make the most of your investment. You and I together are also doing our part to reduce consumption and waste. I think that's beautiful.

I'm right with you when you say it's a shame that all that beautiful was created to be enjoyed just once! Why not twice? We are fortunate that Chicagoland is home to Random Acts of Flowers! If you are interested in partnering with them after your event so that your florals can bless someone else, I'll do my part to connect you. You have a beautiful heart!


My Commitment
I promise to provide you with value. That's why I've created a fun, memorable pre-event experience for you and your special people! Although primarily created with weddings and larger events in mind, I invite you to check it out!

Yes, indeed. Beauty runs deep at Bloome—even in what may never be seen.

But that's what making beautiful is all about.




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