Nature's bold hues, sunflowers, and wild stems were always the thing.
The pandemic may have changed lots, but it was never going to change that.


Though determined to keep their original date, L&L still had to change their venue.
They ended up at our pink door...creating at a Festa dei FIori and marrying at The Studio at 507.

Under a six-foot round fairy-tale halo,
they exchanged vows 
before their family and dearest friends...

L&L-626 (2).jpg

...then took photos in the forest grove where their ceremony was supposed to be,
before heading to their reception destination in her parents' backyard.

Think English Garden party reminiscent of the movie "About Time"
with echoes of an Anthropologie photo shoot.

 Blue striped tent and all.


Hmmm. What "about time"?

The adage is true that it flies.

A magical nostalgia filled the air as it realized the significance
that this young woman began a new storied chapter with the man of her dreams
from the place of her childhood. 

(And you know it's always the best night when he's danced his boutonniere into a crazy mess.)


Covid did not win.